We use ADOT approved traffic paint and have stencils for any job. We use a Graco striper and are very competitive on all striping jobs from parking lots to highways.

We use "Crackmaster Supreme"  for your cracks it is hot applied rubberized asphalt crack and joint sealant.  It is heat stabilized and when melted and properly applied it forms a resilient crack sealant for both asphaltic and cementatious pavements.  It is has a high softening point which makes it ideal for parking lots and driveways.

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Crack Sealing

We use Masterseal which is an asphalt based pavement sealer that beautifies and protects your asphalt.  It is an environmentally friendly, mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion pavement sealer blended with special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability.  We believe it is the best product on the market for all types of asphalt pavement surfaces including parking lots, driveways, shopping malls, airports, highway shoulders, low traffic roadways, and more.  Our sealer will finish a matte black without the high shine of some other sealers.  We do not recommend using an oil based sealer in the state of Alaska because it will soften your asphalt.   We also prefer Masterseal due to the matte black finish and that it is environmentally safe.  Our service area is in the Matsu Valley: sealcoating driveways and parking lots in Wasilla, Palmer, Chugiak, Eagle River, Willow, Sutton and the rest of the valley.